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Harlequin Goes to Resin

....... this should be 'the final head' with no more changes. .......... at least i am not expecting any more 'changes' ....  what you see is what we will get out of the final mold.  ... he will be cast in 'Venetian Luna White' ...................... testing is still being done to see what 'Venetian Luna Rose' might happen to look like .....................

i have no idea yet whether or not 'Venetian Luna Rose' will be close to Volks Normal or not.  ............ Harlequin may ship to the paint artist as soon as next week.  he will not ship to the public until the paint artist approves his surface. ....... we intend to provided 'painted wigged' photos to the public ... so you will have those to look forward to.



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Aug. 1st, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
omg he looks soooooo good...i'm going to fantasize doing a faceup on that marvelous mold...can't wait to see him cast :D
Aug. 1st, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
Helene, ♥ :) it is not too late for you to scream that you wanty want one. i would love to see one painted up by you.

i am really looking forward to him being a nice high quality cast and a beautiful finished piece.

it would also help if i got my ass in gear and made the guy a shirt O_O .
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 1st, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
earthspirits ! ♥ so good to see you :).

so: first: there are pictures of him on a 'soom super gem white male heliot' body..... i have them, but i will let Enki decide when to post them.

before 'ordering' you should be able to see an honet-to-goodness finished blank casting (as opposed to a pre-cast proto-type) on a soom super gem white body and a dollshe white body.

sadly, the Venetian Luna White does not match Soom Cream White. we tried, we wanted it to. it is not for lack of 'trying' or lack of 'wanting' : the bottom line is: it does not. it is 'whiter' .

what happens is this: we will be making our own 65(?) 68(?) 70(??- with hooves) male body. ..... from the knee down, the hooves will work on a soom super gem (right: sadly the resin of the hooves will not match, c'est la vie) but: this head will match 'our body'.

the eye of creation was to the future. we were seeking to create a resin formula which would work right on down the line and produce an ultimately superior art product. therefore, matching another company's resin, while we liked the color, we were not crazy about 'the feel' ...... so: there you go: we went for 'feel' . we want our stuff to feel really nice.

the eye size and i will have to double check: is a 14. i am not sure of what eyes he has in right now. i get very confused about what i bought and what i sent and about what got used. but i am pretty sure that that is a 14 'eye well' .

the head size is the same as a Dia. he was measured and created to be Dia-sized. lining him up with a Soom Io, Soom Cass, Soom Dia .... to me... he looks regular old Soomy sized. he is just plain old 'same' . he is not heliot head peanut sized.

i am so glad that you like him ♥
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 1st, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
i am glad you are excited ! ♥ i never have anybody to be excited with. i am always all alone just working, working, working on the dolls.

then people who are into my jewelry or glasswork want to know what is wrong with me that i 'waste' all this time with 'dolls' .. O_O ... :).

i do not see why the Divine male body that we are creating will not have human legs and human feet. they will just not be a priority. .... the body will be created ... well, let's say: 'backwards' . both heads are basically done. the Harlequin head is actually the 'second' head; it is an 'alternative head' to the main head. there will be other heads in the future, but, basically we planned to start out with "two" ... because we like the idea of 'choice'.

so, two heads are done. next up come hooves. ... i imagine anyone who likes the hooves who are 'short hooves' for their body can use these. the knee will match super gem male.

after that ... well... body will just be 'ours' ... it is going to be basically same size ... because i like that size and i need my clothes to fit O_O .... but... i suppose we will just sit around and see what it looks like. i like relaxed and elegant but not emaciated ... i like 'classic and lovely' .. so.. we shall see what we get.

i do not see any reason why the thing will not get knee down legs & feet.

my own dollshe white head is on the west coast right now. so i have no way of comparing the Venetian Luna White to anything other than 'Dollmore M white' 'Dollstown elf white' or 'Soom cream'. i think that Enki has Soom cream as well as the shades of Dollshe, so she will be providing those comparisons as well as commenting on them.

when it comes to 'paint & blush' ... well.. i am not qualified to answer that either *le sigh* .... i send out absolutely just about everything to those people like you who are infinitely better at it than i am.

i focus completely on the concept for my horses and what they look like in the end. ... the work is then parceled up and out accordingly.

this is why while i "do" sculpt ... i certainly am not sculpting this horse. there is no way that i have the skill level or the mechanical expertise or the chemical knowledge to get this thing to what it has to be. there is a great deal of superior magic happening with Divine and his parts.... which includes the Harlequin head.

the head was created to be 'same' as Dia in measurement.. so: i am supposing the answer is: however well a Dia would fit a Dollshe neck is how well this head would work. i have been told that the Venetian Luna White is nice to work with and that those who like to mod should be pleasantly pleased.

my personal feeling is pretty much this: when i buy these heads from overseas from some "hi i am a foreign artist i makey head i sell to you on dis date" : what i do is: i just 'guess' : i look at the pictures, i look at the measurements, i guage the size and the color from the monitor and then i decide: would i like this thing if it worked? how annoyed would i be based on the price if it did not work? what are the odds that this is a bogus company?

i think about it and think about it ... and then: i just decide to take a chance.

that is about what i am expecting to happen here. we will try to tell everyone as much information as we can ... but.. the bottom line is: we are asking you guys to 'just take a chance' .... it might be something you completely love, it may be something you say 'now why did i buy this?' everyone's tastes are different.

our goal will be to create something that we are proud of and that "we" like. we have zero desire to palm off some inferior something. the reasons for building Divine are probably far more complex than 'oh we can enter dollie market too !!!' .. i have made dolls for a million years.. i really do not need to be making any more. but.. since i am .. and since thing will come out of a mold... we will have enough to share should someone want something.

anyway: wait until you see the corsets. female super gem size should be out soon with male super gem size to follow. :) ♥
Aug. 1st, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
i thought of 'one more thing':

our resin color choice goal .... well, if you were to ask: well, what color(s) would you like to offer? ... if we are just talking about 'skin color' as opposed to 'wing color' or 'hoof color' or 'hat color' or 'mask color' ....

if we are talking about skin color, we would like to create the following:

Venetian Luna White
Venetian Luna Rose
Venetian Luna Twilight

thank you for your deep interesting. ♥
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 1st, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
:):) ... i have pretty much figured : if someone likes what i do 'just normally', then .... they will like Divine.

Super Gem Dollshe Hound is "my size", so that is the framework that we will create in. .... i love hybrids, i love 'inter-changeable' .... i love all of the clothing and the props ... so: that is what we will focus on.

i also am looking forward to ... well.. you will see: a little something 'switch out -able' for the super gem girls. i have gotten crabby over 'lack of options' ... so: we have just decided to make a few of our own.

also: soomy male fairy size. Dust has just arrived at his groomer's ... he goes in for major surgery shortly. people can expect to see a slew of male fairy things .... he will be our guinea pig for Divine. ... some things.. if no one likes them 'small' ... well.. then for sure we will not waste time doing them big. it is much easier to wave magic wands and 'speculate' when the size is small.

oh! the answer to the eyewell question is: 12 mm. Harlequin's eye wells are 12 mm. ........

Divine will most likely be 14, but Harlequin is definitely 12. :). ♥
Aug. 2nd, 2011 12:09 am (UTC)

Harlequin's eye wells are 14mm.

thank you for your deep interesting.
i apologize because we are retarded. ♥
Aug. 1st, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)
Ooooo~ <3 I've been haunting this group order forever and am on pre-order list via Enki, but I didn't realize you were the genius behind this gorgeous sculpt! I can't wait to get my paws on him, those lips are calling to me~

Amazing work! It's exciting to see how much you have planned for him & a body too!? Wow! :D
Aug. 1st, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
ahhhhh, Lachlana ! *hugs* good to see you ! ♥

i am the .... hmmmm.. the 'breeze upon the waters' when it comes to Harlequin ... well.. and Divine. ...... while they would certainly not exist without me... there is a far greater magician than i behind the curtain.

the consummate skill to 'make it happen' ... belongs to another. ... the sculptor for Divine is ... well.. Divinely sublime.

i am hoping that Divine's lips will be even more wonderful. O_O . he is being worked on as we speak.

now: shhhhhhhhh: Divine is 'not just a body' : he grows four legs ................... :) O_O . 'twilight colored and four legged' .. now how cool is that.
Aug. 4th, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
Don't feel bad, I'm on the preorder list too and had no idea until just now. O_O
Aug. 5th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
*waves !* ♥ i am so glad that you like him. :) .

Aug. 1st, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
<3 Thankies!

In that case I'm going to have to stay glued for updates! This sounds that much more amazing than I realized! (and Divine) :D

Four Legged? Woooooooooooooow~ <3
Aug. 2nd, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
fourlegged .. in the size that we are 'into' .... specialty colored .... probably silk jeweled saddled ....... dreadlocked .. and parasol'd ...............

:):) .

oh yes: and "masked" ... of course.

the thing will not magically turn into some sort shit where we all say: heyyyyyyyy, what happened to that thing? shouldn't the guy be "big" ? ....... you will get to see the guy transform as he should. ... and those who get the pieces when they are offered will be able to build their own version.

and jointy hands. and shoes. :) . i really look forward to the shoes that we have come up with. ... corsets will be next ....

i am looking forward to getting Harlequin's head in the mail for paint. so far, the Venetian Luna Rose is similar in shade but is 'pinker' than the soomy NS which is 'more orange'.
Aug. 3rd, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
The head looks absolutely amazing, what bodies does he/she take the best? I read something about " Divine male body", what project is that? I'm very intrigued by this whole thing. :)
Aug. 3rd, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
ooooh! thank you ! ♥ i am so glad that you like the Harlequin head. i am very excited that the first casts are pretty much hours away from being thrown in the mail.

i am a huge fan of hybrids. while i do have more than my share of purebred Heliots, i simply love to mix and match parts. the Soom body must win for being one of my favorite bodies. i am a huge soomy fan and i get a great kick out of their strange stuff.

there is a point though, where i can sit upon my comfy velvet cushiions and say: it is not enough. Soom, you have not given us 'this or this or this' . which is fine. they are busy giving us 'other things' and we will enjoy those as well.

we are building Divine. Divine will be my most powerful horse. he will be able to do simply anything. he will ... and has already begun.... as a full body sculpt ... jointy hands .... a choice between two heads. Divine's head will be out of the final mold right after the Harlequin head. everyone is waiting for Harlequin and no one really knows about Divine... so, the second head will be out first.

after the head, the hooves will be out. he will be a knee down match to Soom. but: that is where the matching ends. i am not sure if Divine's head will fit on a Soom Super Gem body. perhaps it will, perhaps it won't. i suppose Divine's head will be 'okay' on some other body and then just fit "best" on his own.

the Harlequin head, by Enki's request, was made to Dia head measurements. therefore: whatever a Dia fits, Harlequin should fit. Enki has a variety of bodies and will be providing photographs of whatever she deems suitable .. as well as will comment on the fit.

Once Divine is complete with all of his male body parts and his hooves ... he will begin his transformation. one of the first things that he will do is grow four legs :):) .

When Divine has successfully grown four legs and enough of you guys are tired of 'just looking at the bits and pieces' ... and well.. people will have wound up acquiring bits of him ..... anyway.. once he has four legs... i would like to plan a party :) .

But, he does not have four legs yet.. so, i do not have to worry about that for today.

So: the body answer for Harlequin is: anything that one would care to stick a Soom Dia head on. there will be of course the consideration that it is not looking like the resin will match... well... anything. Divine is going to be one of those *eyeroll* 'only match Divine' things. but, if there is no problem with the face up artist and this stuff is a complete "go" ... if you got to feel the head in, say, the Venetian Luna White .... well, you would see why we do not care that our colors will be different. in a world of choices, we have made ours.

i am looking forward to a 'finished horse' being truly simply Divine. :) ♥
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